SGreeting fellow Herfers. We get a lot of questions about cigars when we are hosting events. Here are some of the most asked and our answers to them…

Q. Do I keep the cellophane wrapper on the cigar in the humidor or take it off?
A. Take it off. The cigar will store in the proper temperature and humidity in the humidor without the wrapper. Just make sure your humidor is properly seasoned and check it often for humidification changes. 

Q. Is it possible to OVER humidify cigars and can they be saved if that happens?
A. Yes and Yes. Over humidification can occur mostly in hot weather climates or summertime in areas like the northeast that have seasons. One of the keys to ensure your humidor is at its optimal humidification is to have is lined with cedar, preferably Spanish cedar which is the highest quality. The number of cigars in the humidor is key also, so depending on the size, be wary of over and under loading it. Be sure to check the humidification levels often to be sure you are at the proper setting.  Most of the time you can save over humidified cigars but sometimes they get moldy. If there is any type of bluish green stuff on the cigar, it’s too late. Throw it out. You don’t want that in your mouth!

Q. How low should I smoke my cigar?
A. This is personal preference. There is really no right or wrong answer here but we get the question all the time. Personally, I smoke mine down to the very last draw before if burns the tip of my nose or my lips! But that’s just me. Cigar smoking is supposed to be a relaxing hobby. When your satiated, stop. It’s totally up to you. 

Q. What is the top lighter for my stooge?
A. We covered this in a previous blog. There are literally dozens of options so the answer is to tell you what NOT to use. NO FUEL LIGHTERS. You’ll get that fuel flavor and it is unpleasant. Use butane only or wooden matches. Some cigars come with a cedar wrapper. If they do, take it off, light the wrapper and light your cigar with the cedar. 

Hopefully some of these questions are ones you may have had and the answers helped you and made your cigar smoking experience as pleasurable as possible. 

Until next time ladies and gents… Have a Smokin’ Day…