Greetings fellow stoagie savorers. “If you build it, they will come”. This quote as well as the blog title quote are from the iconic and one of my all time favorite movies, Field of Dreams. In the spirit of these quotes, we at Cigarro Mobile are bursting at the seams to build you something with social distancing in mind that will give you and your guests an experience that will be sure to make you feel awesome as you emerge from these crazy quarantines.

Imagine getting outside, sitting in plush, comfortable furniture (6 feet apart of course) and enjoying a delicious cigar with some of your closest friends and family. After being cooped up for so long, this will be a very welcome relief….And we at Cigarro Mobile will be sure to make it memorable.

So as each of you begins to emerge from your government or self imposed hibernation, please check us out and book an event. You will not be disappointed. We will build it, you will come, and everyone will have a great time!.

Until next time…. Have a smokin’ day!!