Greetings cigar lovers. On what is a somber day in American History, as we gather together (6 feet apart of course) it’s important for all of us to remember those who gave their lives for this great country. Our liberty, freedom and all that our fallen warriors fought to protect is currently under attack and as we navigate these rough waters, let’s never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us.   

For me, cigar smoking has always been a very relaxing hobby. I smoke with others obviously, but since this invisible enemy invaded our lives I have spent much time smoking alone, and thinking about things both good and bad. Longing for what I cannot do, hoping for an end to the madness and mourning the deaths of so many people worldwide are very heavy things to carry. Thankfully though, I do really feel a sense of relief by sitting in my garage turned lounge and enjoying my favorite cigar. There are many ways people cope with difficult times, and doing something you enjoy is certainly one way to accomplish it. Hopefully whatever way you choose to deal with problems that may arise in your lives you can find solace. 

We WILL beat this. Our lives WILL get back to normal. The fun times we all miss WILL return. Pride, perseverance and common sense will lead us out of what sometimes feels is a never ending forest of doom. I promise this will be the only blog filled with somber thoughts, but under the circumstances I believe it to be appropriate. Happy times are ahead everyone! Never lose hope…and never forget.

Until next time friends… Have a smokin’ day…