Greetings my friends.

Well it took a while, but the restrictions have eased to the point where we can finally get out and do what we do best…smoke fine cigars at fine venues. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on us, but no virus can stop Cigarro Mobile from providing high quality services in a comfortable and elegant setting.

This Thursday we are hosting a private event at a Country Club in Wallingford, CT and we can’t be more excited. The event will feature all the bells and whistles that Cigarro Mobile is known for as well as mini talks by the owner (me), our Cigar Curator, David Lemieux and our Torcedor, Delbert Ferguson. We expect a great time to be had by all as we kick off, albeit belatedly, our exciting Summer season. Look on our website at the end of this week for pics and videos of the event.

Well, that’s it for now guys and as always, have a smokin’ day!