We are cigar lovers who are always outside enjoying a cigar.  

My Story

“I smoked my first cigar about 15 years ago. I was at a wedding, and as always I stepped outside to get air.  What I found was a group of men and women standing outside smoking cigars.  I never had any interest in cigarettes but the smell of a cigar had always intrigued me. Of course, someone offered me one and had to cut and light it for me.  Once I started I was hooked.  I began experimenting with what I liked.  I learned there were so many flavors.  I started with mild and worked my way up to bold.  To be honest, the cigars I choose to smoke depend on my mood.  As my work days got longer, I looked forward to ending the day with a great cigar, and eventually a glass of bourbon.  That brought a whole new side to cigars and I learned about pairing with whiskey, bourbon and even chocolate.  Cigars became my passion and I wanted to design an environment where cigars could become part of an event for everyone, because there will always be those guys stepping outside to enjoy a cigar.  Now they can enjoy it comfortably. ” 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to tailor a Cigarro Mobile experience to suit your event. We want to offer your guests the opportunity to learn a little about the history of cigars and enjoy a cigar of their choice in a sophisticated comfortable environment where the smoke will not disturb your other guests.

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